“I have been getting Rolfed for almost 2 decades and Robert is easily one of the best.  He is a master of both the physical and spiritual aspects of the practice”  - Joe Hanan, Los Angeles

“Dear Robert, I am telling all my friends and doctors that after only three sessions of Rolfing, you have done more for me than in the entire last two years of working within the medical field!”    .                                                                             – Elizabeth, Kapp, Santa Barbara

“If your body isn’t structurally integrated – any kind of exercise, yoga, pilates, physical training, etc., will only strengthen asymmetries & weaknesses in your body to your disadvantage.  The longer you wait to have this kind of work done, the more difficult it will become to resolve any physical issues or avoid injuries.  Don’t put it off!                                                                – Dan Held, Personal Trainer

I’ve been receiving Chiropractic treatments for many, many years – it wasn’t until I started seeing Robert that my spine often just corrects itself and needs no adjustment.  This is truly amazing work!“        Jeffrey Hudson, San Luis Obispo

I have had the good fortune to work with a few of the best bodyworkers in the world – Robert is one of them.“                 Sean LeClaire, President of the SCL Group

“You are a miracle worker.  Last summer, my knees were so bad, I couldn’t walk.  I felt better after my 1st session. By the 3rd session, my knees stopped giving way altogether and the pain was gone. By my 6th session, I had full movement of my knees. By the 10th session, I could do squats and get up and down off the ground easily! THANK YOU for giving me my LIFE back!” -Angela Berenstein, Santa Barbara


  • Consultations – Call/Text (805) 698-2490 or email any time
  • Adjunct use of the miraculous FDA cleared Erchonia PL5000 Low Level Cold Laser – the biggest paradigm changer and advancement not only in the entire Rolfing® profession – but in the complete field of health!                                                                                                                                                                                                                         “The laser allows the Rolfing® practitioner to achieve results far greater than those achievable by traditional Rolfing® techniques.”
  • See the “Laser Testimonials” and “Articles” links at the top of this page – to read more about this incredible cold laser & the amazing testimonials of client’s experience with it.
  • SPECIAL PACKAGED SESSION RATES - pick your affordability
  • Before and after photos (if you’d like) with detailed assessment and structural information
  • Instruction in Yoga (I’m a practitioner of over 35 years), Rolling, and other methods to enhance & maintain the results of any of our work together.
  • PLEASE READ, ABSORB & INTEGRATE! (literally!):  “Rolfing® Structural Integration (The Secret to to the Ultimate State of Health by Becoming *Integrated* Physically & Energetically on all Levels – The truly holistic approach vs. contemporary medicine & many practices!)” in the “Articles” link at the top of this page
  • PLEASE SEE: “A Gift For You” in the “Articles” link at the top of this page
  • Sessions – are a thorough 1.5 to 2 hours long
  • Located in a beautiful office overlooking the scenic downtown area of Santa Barbara
  • I’m extremely thorough in my Advanced Rolfing® work; providing all my clients with extensive structural hands-on work – informing you in detail what we are specifically trying to accomplish with every session
  • I’m currently engaging in the latest advanced training and developments in Rolfing® Structural Integration from the original Rolf Institute® in Boulder, CO
  • My approach is holistic; inclusive and embracing all levels of a person’s health from the perspective of diet, exercise, and methods to enhance one’s well-being and consciousness.  I’ve been practicing holistic health methods for over 35 years
  • Available for lecture presentations and demonstrations of advanced Rolfing® Structural Integration
  • Over 30 years practicing structural-like bodywork

(Changes that result from Rolfing® Structural Integration work.)

Receive immediate results that can last a lifetime: see CONTACT


“Going through a Rolfing series of sessions is considered to be like what it would take 10 years of a Yoga practice to accomplish.  If massage is like getting your teeth cleaned, Rolfing is like getting your teeth straightened.”


“The Gospel of Rolfing:   When the body is working properly, the force of gravity can flow through it. Then – spontaneously – the body heals itself.”  –  Dr. Ida P. Rolf


What Rolfing® Structural Integration is in a snapshot:

Rolfing® Structural Integration is an advanced form of bodywork in some ways similar to Chiropractic.  Instead of working on the bones a Rolfer™ works on the muscles – specifically, the connective tissue fascial system surrounding all the muscles – to bring alignment and integration throughout the entire structure for optimum functioning in activity and to decrease chronic symptoms of pain and other bodily issues.  Explore my website and learn more!


Certified by the Rolf Institute®, the original school of Rolfing® Structural Integration.


(Only graduates of the Rolf Institute® are legally allowed to use the trademarked designation of Rolfing®.)


Rolfing® and Rolfer™ are service marks of the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration