My Specific Advanced Approach

Why do people resonate with Rolfing® and my advanced approach specifically?

I will work on and address every single layer of connective tissue in a person’s structure, and fascial system, through the traditional 10-Series Rolfing sessions. This is why – unlike most bodywork – advanced Rolfing® work focuses not on short term symptom relief but on long-lasting structural and functional change that can last an entire life time.

This is where the art and skill of an experienced and a thoroughly trained, Certified Advanced Rolfer™ comes into play. The body is worked on layer by layer. Using just enough pressure to initiate the release of the surface tissues of a person, a thoroughly trained and Certified Advanced Rolfer™ can reestablish the natural alignment and structural integration of the human body.

On a scale of “1 to 10” with “10” being intolerable pain or pressure, I will be working within the 4, 5, 6, 7 level most often to initiate a release in the connective tissue fabric. I will be asking you for feedback throughout this process so that I know exactly what is going on, what it is feeling like for you, and that it is comfortable – whether you do not want it to be too intense or maybe if you’d like it to actually be more intense. Overall, my objective will be to skillfully release and align the connective tissue fascial system of your body.

Using too much force (or “deep pressure”) actually can disintegrate the tissues of the body because surface tissues will be bypassed and left unaddressed leaving asymmetrical areas of tissue. This leads to unbalanced and chronic symptoms of trigger points, discomfort, and pain which need to be treated over and over again. This only compromises the body and sets up different areas to be vulnerable for potential future injury – and again – chronic symptoms.

Sound familiar?

I hear this constantly from clients – that they have gone over and over for treatments on a weekly basis seeking relief from symptoms that keep coming back. So the art of this process will be to use just the right amount of pressure and in the right places – skillfully working with the connective tissue fascial system of the physiology through the medium, techniques, and scientific process of Rolfing® Structural Integration.  The results & benefits will manifest as long-term results!


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