The Rolfing 10-Series

(This photo shows what can structurally change after a series of sessions; after the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 7th, and the 10th session.)

The basic Rolfing® series of Structural Integration consists of ten sessions – that is why it is actually more of a process than a “technique”.

That said, even one session alone can go a long ways to addressing a specific issue and obtaining a new structural result for the better.  I cannot think of a single session I’ve ever done that I did not see a structural result for the better.

For more information about the specific process of the 10-Series sessions, see the article by Jason Mixter, Certified Advanced Rolfer™, reprinted at the bottom of my website with the left side links about each specific session under the title, “The 10-Series & Dr. Ida Rolf”.

Every person is different so my Advanced Rolfing® work will be to strategize each session according to one’s individual symptomatic issues and structural needs all contained within their own connective tissue fascial system.

The results & benefits will manifest as long-term results!



I start by evaluating your structure while walking & standing in all four quadrants.  We can take photographs if you’d like them for later reference, as well as, for myself to potentially review during the session or between sessions.  I will then ask you to lie on the table, as I sensitively apply just the right amount of pressure where the fascia is restricted.  I will work with you in a variety of positions on the table; particularly, on your back, left/right sides, and on your stomach.

I will not just work with the connective tissue; I will also work with rhythms of respiration and other responses of the body. I will also educate you in ways of using the new found freedom.

I may ask you to breathe into the area being worked and/or to make synchronized movements. The combination of applied pressure and synchronized response frees and repositions the connective tissue and aligns the body’s segments.

Each Advanced Rolfing® session builds upon the results of the previous one, so that the results are cumulative. The first seven sessions remove strain from specific areas of the body: the lower back, neck, knees, etc. The remaining sessions organize and align the body as a whole, resulting in better balance, enhanced freedom of movement, and a higher energy level.

Sessions last about an hour and a half.  The amount of time between sessions varies and is determined on an individual basis. The average spacing is 1 to 2 times a week, yet can be spaced as far apart as 2 to 4 weeks between sessions.  The objective is to gain the greatest amount of progress by connecting the results of each session together so that the results & benefits will manifest as long-term results!


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