Does It Last and How Much Does It Cost?


Photographs show that the changes of the basic Rolfing® series are still present many years after the series is complete.

Studies done by the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado show that even after ten years, the changes from going through the “10-Series” program of Rolfing® sessions – are still present!  Since the basic series addresses patterns accumulated since childhood and past injuries you have had, you won’t recreate that history again. On the other hand, as bodies change, and people sometimes have injuries, accidents and stressful times, additional work may be useful.


The cost of Advanced Rolfing® sessions varies according to the Rolfer and the local economy. Most Rolfers charge session by session, and fees range from $100 to over $300 per session.  My Advanced Rolfing® sessions last a full, thorough 90 to 120 minutes.

I am not trying to bring in a large number of clientele to make “as much money as I can”; instead, my main objective is to provide quality work and quality time with every person I work with and with every session I provide for them.


Call for current single session rate.

Call for current 5-Session Series package rate.


I provide a tremendous amount of work and associated services with every session at the rate I am asking (like the complimentary use of the Erchonia PL5000 cold laser – see “Amazing!” link at top of page).  However, I am now reaching out to make it as affordable as possible by offering these special packaged session rates.

By providing you with a “packaged rate” it will also be a way to encourage you to make a commitment to your long-term health; each session will build on one another resulting in exponential benefits!

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