How Does it Work?

The Sweater Fascial Matrix

To align the body segments, my Advanced Rolfing® Structural Integration work systematically organizes the body’s soft, connective tissue fascial system network.

This connective tissue network, known as the fascial system, is the “organ of structure” in the body. It supports the skeleton and soft tissues, positions the bones, determines the direction of muscle pulls and of movement, and gives the body its shape.

The picture to the left shows how the connective tissue network is likened to a sweater – an effect in one area of the body (tension, stress, injuries, etc.) may result in an affect throughout another area of the body or an entire region of the body.

Fascia, the body’s “organ of structure” is laid down along the lines of strain. It supports the body and gives it the shape it has and can also be affected by tension, stress, injuries, etc.

The human body holds itself erect with pairs of muscle groups functioning within a network of fascial sheaths. These pairs normally function in an antagonist relationship with one another. When one of the pair contracts the other must extend to maintain proper balance.

If that relationship is impaired through injury or chronic tension in one of the groups, the fascia conforms to the shortening and the rest of the body must compensate to maintain balance.

The job of my Advanced Rolfing® work is to free the shortened fascia, allow the muscles to return to a balanced relationship and the body to release the compensations. When the fascial system is organized, gravity causes it to uplift and align the body’s segments.  The outcome & benefits will manifest as long-term results!

This is what Dr. Ida Rolf was talking about when she said:

“The Gospel of Rolfing:  When the body is working properly, the force of gravity can flow through it. Then – *spontaneously* – the body heals itself.”

Click on the “Articles: Yoga Anyone?, etc.” link at the top of my website for a more detailed elaboration as to why gravity can actually lift the body up!  (Look for the article, “Why Gravity Can Lift the Body Up!”)

(The picture to the right shows what a dramatic difference it can make to have your connective tissues organized and integrated throughout your entire structure through the Rolfing® 10-Series process.)


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