What Does It Feel Like – Is It “PAINFUL”???


At all times, you are in control of your experience by communicating with me how to maintain the applied pressure at an appropriate comfort level.

Specifically – with my own particular Advanced Rolfing® approach – I will never try to force the connective tissues within a person’s body.  Within the context of soft-tissue mobilization,  I will follow the natural release of the connective tissues, encouraging them to achieve a greater level of alignment, integration, and symmetry throughout one’s structure and fascial system.

Forcing the connective tissue – like using “deep pressure” – only damages the connective tissue fascial system network and generates inflammation in the nerves which will then make the tissue constrict again to protect the area after the initial release.  This means you have to keep going back to get the associated trigger points released again and again – that is NOT integration – it’s disintegration!  (It’s like puncturing holes in the connective tissue matrix/fabric!)

Sensations in the area being worked – with my own style of Advanced Rolfing® – may range from pleasurable warmth to momentary discomfort. At times there may be little sensation at all. How you will feel during my work depends on several factors such as injuries to the area or tension caused by chronic stress.

Two frequent comments made during my Advanced Rolfing® sessions are, “It hurts, but it feels good at the same time” and, “I’ve been waiting for years for someone to do this”. At times there may be little sensation at all. The experience reported most often is one of lengthening; something is letting go.

After my Advanced Rolfing® work, people report feeling lighter and better balanced. Movement feels easier, as if the joints have been lubricated. Feelings of well being reflect the body’s higher energy level. Chronic discomforts often disappear immediately or soon after a series of sessions are completed.  The outcome & benefits will manifest as long-term results!


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