50% of the Benefits from Rolfing® Can Occur Outside of the Session

As the initial layers of the body are integrated and brought into a unified tonal balance of one’s entire structural fascial system (where the tone of the tissue becomes the same throughout a structural region of the body), one’s own movement and functional activity outside of the session will continue to open up and bring into integration all of the areas that were addressed during the Rolfing session.B 1

This is what Dr. Ida Rolf was talking about when she said:

“The Gospel of Rolfing:  When the body is working properly, the force of gravity can flow through it. Then – *spontaneously* – the body heals itself.”

This period of integration can last from a week to a month. Then when you come back into the next session, the tissues of your body will automatically release to a deeper level without myself having to “force” my way into the deeper levels of the connective tissue matrix.

This leads to the science of Rolfing that Ida P. Rolf developed.

Doctor Rolf worked for over 50 years to develop the exact sequence of a 10-Series Rolfing protocol that addresses the entire connective tissue fascial system network of the human physiology.

The connective tissue matrix (fascial system) is sequentially worked on session by session, layer by layer so that evenness of muscle and fascial tone is achieved from the surface layer tissues to the deeper layered tissues, from the bottom to the top of the body, from the left/right and front/back of one’s structure, connecting each structural body block/region one after the other. The results & benefits will manifest as long-term results!


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