**Santa Barbara Massage & Rolfing®**

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Located in an incredible, scenic balcony overview of the most beautiful, heart of the downtown Santa Barbara!


Swedish, Deep Tissue or Sports Massage

60 min $130, 90 min $170

Sports Massage with Cupping Therapy

60 min $150, 90 min $190

Customized Massage with Hot-Pack Therapy Treatment & Pain Relieving Balm, or Grapeseed Body Cream Hand & Foot Treatment

60 min $140, 90 min $180

A free consultation & structural assessment can be made for the advanced bodywork called, “Rolfing® Structural Integration”, to help deal with chronic symptoms of pain and discomfort and to also treat postural misalignment – please see main company website for more information.


Products Used

Experience the all-natural non scented skin nourishing Santa Barbara Massage Cream.

Make your Hands and Feet feel as smooth and soft as silk with our locally produced Customized Grapeseed Company Whipped Body Butter Cream.

Soothe your tired, stressed and aching muscles, tendons and Joints with our powerful Pain Relieving Balm.



903 State Street, Suite 211, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Call or text this number to  book your appointment:


Cancelling of an appointment in less then 24 hours or failure to attend a scheduled appointment will result in forfeiture of that session or a full session service charge. 

Owner: Robert Cumming