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I will be posting occasional insights and revelations about my Advanced Rolfing® Structural Integration work and the bodywork field in general here.  Thank you for visiting my website and learning about ways to increase your health, physical functioning, state of consciousness, and well-being!!!


santabarbararolfing_banner_photo3           —  ROLFING® STRUCTUAL INTEGRATION  —

     The Secret to the Ultimate State of Health by Becoming *Integrated* Physically & Energetically on all Levels – The truly holistic approach vs. contemporary medicine & many practices!

     By Robert J. Cumming, Certified Advanced Rolfer, B.A.



This article draws upon the major precepts of Dr. Ida P. Rolf’s own work - the originator of the Rolfing® Structural Integration process and who made the term “fascia” famous since the 1970′s publication of her seminal book, “ROLFING”It also draws heavily from the major precepts of Certified Advanced Rolfer, Thomas W. Myers, who is very well-known within the entire bodywork field & health community for his 2001 publication, “Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians for Manual and Movement Therapists“.

This article will begin your journey through the structural integration process by constructing a framework – or blue print of intention – for the optimal physical state of health you’d like to experience or progress towards.

As you read, absorb, and integrate the material contained in this article, it will give you a transmission-like experience of “structural integration” on the energetic level of consciousness – a state beyond just an ordinary level of intellectual understanding.  This will – literally initiate in seed form – all the optimal physical & energetic changes that will result from your participation in this Rolfing® process, regardless how far you decide to journey & progress upwards in your structural evolution and overall health.

For my current or future clients, the article will enhance your somatic awareness, alertness, and appreciation for the changes you can aspire to physically & energetically, or that perhaps, you’re experiencing yet didn’t fully consciously realize, embody & own.  It can provide a basis for our ongoing conversation & dialogue through your journey while “structurally integrating” the work.

If you are a bodyworker or work in the health-related field, the article will enlarge your perspective and possible practice of what the term “holistic” encompasses on all levels physically & energetically.  The article will broaden one’s awareness of what is happening within their physical and energetic body ~ from receiving *any* kind of bodywork that is truly benefiting them in some way.


What is the ultimate secret behind the Rolfing® Structural Integration process – or behind experiencing the ultimate state of health, free from pain and chronic symptoms, coupled with full functional mobility and maximum potential of strength & energy?  Or, what even is the highest state of consciousness & grounded spirituality?

If you read this *entire article* – all will be revealed -- as you come to a clear understanding and an energetic integration in seed form on a deep, subtle level of your consciousness (and potential reflection into your physical body) about the significance & connection of each one of the following 3 major components:

1) The physical plumb line relationship of the body (Picture 1)

2) The “etheric pole”of the energetic body (Picture 2)

3) The ancient Greek caduceus logos used hypocritically by the current medical establishment (Picture 3)


Better yet, being gifted the opportunity to have a direct, personal, functional moment-to-moment (or movement-to-movement!) experience between these three major factors – you will obtain the ultimate in peak experience & performance, as sought by top athletes (for instance; the entire Minnesota Viking football team gets “Rolfed”), or as simply desired by anyone wanting to experience the best of health, free from chronic symptoms, less prone to any kind of injuries, and functioning at the highest level of strength & mobility.


Or, even better than that – you will be elevated to that “Supreme Goal” of Enlightenment as precisely and clearly defined & delineated in the ancient Sanskrit scriptures of India, or as sought by any true seeker of any path, religious or spiritual.  As I’ve titled it in my own poetical ode to that reality – that “Seamless Connection” between this life and the next!

This article is a testament to why I’ve had so many amazing experiences in my Advanced Rolfing® Structural Integration practice, the absolutely amazing experiences of my clients, and the amazing state of body awareness & higher state of consciousness of my clients I’ve had come in over, especially the last 5 years.

Expansion of World Consciousness - Andrew Ostrovsky

With the upswing in consciousness of the world, more & more people are evolving into a greater state of health & functioning at an unprecedented level.  Individuals – more than ever before – are ascending to higher levels of consciousness.  In my practice, we’re grounding those higher states of consciousness & awareness into a fully organized & functional body, simultaneously, corresponding with an optimal state of somatic body awareness for the best of health on all levels.


In my Structural Integration practice I always assess movement of the body’s structure before & after every session – particularly how the legs are tracking (straight, or not) & how that movement is landing down on the feet and translating up through the pelvis and into the contralateral movement of the spine.  Also: how is the shoulder girdle, neck & head moving in relationship to the movement of the spine?

The health field is fraught with medical professionals, body workers, trainers, writers, etc., who all espouse different methods for approaching the way the human structure and/or physiology should be healed of a variety of injuries, illnesses, and weaknesses, or should be strengthened in certain ways to obtain better activation of areas in the body that are not functioning as desired.

So many of these approaches only work with isolated parts, joints, vertebrae, or muscles, etc., of the body – as Thomas W. Myers pointed out in his book “Anatomy Trains” and Dr. Ida P. Rolf herself elaborated about for over 50 years throughout her writings & in her teachings to the greater health community; particularly to Chiropractic & Osteopathic Doctors.

Thomas Myers:

Anatomy Trains Book Cover

“Almost everyone in Pilates, yoga, and training worlds [also Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, etc.] will think of short or adhered fascia: “What is too short, too long, too strong, and too weak?”  But they do not think in terms of the interrelationships of fascial planes.  It is not a question of which muscle is too short or which muscle is over active or which muscle is not active enough – it is that the fascial planes have gone out of relationship with each other.


How do I treat injuries?  How can I get injuries to heal faster?  How can I prevent injuries from happening?  Actually, most injuries are fascial injuries: there are very few muscle injuries – most injuries are in the fascial system.

Injury treatment is where, perhaps, knowledge of fascia as a system is the most applicable.”



Dr. Ida P. Rolf’s main point to the Chiropractic and Osteopathic professions she collaborated with and instructed to for over 50 years:

“We say that the bony spine is a secondary index; the spine is where it is by virtue of where the soft tissues [fascial system] are.”



Pic 1: Physical Body With Plumb Line Alignment (through ear, to shoulder, to hip, to knee, to ankle.)


The connective tissue “fascial system” is the primary medium of change that is mobilized during the Rolfing® Structural Integration process in order to raise your health & functioning so that you’ll have an ongoing experience of freedom from pain, restrictions, and a greater experience of overall strength & mobility.

I was just reading an article about plantar fasciitis that embellished upon all the interrelationships of the body; particularly in this case, the relationship of the feet to all those muscles above in lower leg, upper leg & pelvis.   A main point of this article is that the larger muscles attaching into the pelvis will be directly affecting the ability of the feet to move in all 4 directions, as well as, arching up or down. This may very well be the case – however, the ROM of the entire spine & all above will also make an impact into how the weight of the body is dropping down through to the feet and into the ground.


Pic 2: The Energetic Bodies with the “Etheric Pole” running down into the earth & up into the sky.


As Certified Advanced Rolfer, Pedro Prado, Ph.D., has written in the professional Structural Integration, The Journal of the Rolf Institute®:

“If one releases a myofascial restriction – e.g., of the retinaculae of the ankle [Area surrounding the ankle; worked on, perhaps, to relieve symptoms of plantar fasciitis] – the intervention will actually enhance the active range of motion of that joint only to the extent that the relationships among the ankle, hip, vertebral column and head are free enough to accommodate the freeing of the ankle.  Should the knees or hip joints be rigid, the ankle will not be able to use the dimension of freedom produced by the intervention – and according to the principle of adaptability, the ankle will return to its restricted condition.

Sound familiar?  I hear this constantly from clients – that they have gone over and over for a variety of bodywork treatments (Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, acupuncture, etc.) on a consistent basis seeking relief from symptoms that just keep coming back.


This is because - the entire structure - is not being taken into consideration or not taken through a process like the Rolfing® Structural Integration “10-Series”.  That’s why Rolfing® Structural Integration is actually a - process - that does work with every structural region of the body right from the very first session, interconnecting them and bringing balance, organization & symmetry into the structure; left-to-right, front-to-back, top-to-bottom.  That’s what it means to get the body structurally integrated!

All kinds of amazing body workers & bodywork can do wonderful things for your health; and session after session, all kinds of bodywork will have some form of progressive results.  Dr. Ida P. Rolf made it a science & art to work with the progressive results of the Rolfing® process, session-by-session, so that the benefits will create an exponential result of Structural Integration in one’s body and in all functional activity.  “Structural integration” is initiated during a Rolfing session – and continues while the body is “structurally integrating” between sessions.

Jounal of RI

A recent client of mine looked exactly like this while lying on the bodywork table during her session; she exhibited this complete look of being suspended beyond the limitations of time & space – the truly “integrated woman”! She expressed such that she was really feeling that way. She was completing her 9th session of the “10-Series” & is a excellent example of client that integrated both physical & energetic aspects throughout her structural integration journey.


When the body is *structurally integrated* – then the body will assume the greater, more perfect, physical plumb-line-alignment of ear, to shoulder, to hip, to knee, to ankle (Picture 1), and optimal functioning of all the agonist & antagonists muscle relationships throughout the entire structure become more balanced & symmetrical. When that kind of organized, symmetrical functioning is optimal, then the transition of tensional forces throughout the structure is balanced (rather than getting locked up in any one area/joint/muscle, etc.) and the firing of muscles will also be balanced – no *one muscle* will be encouraged to be stronger or weaker than another.  The balanced functioning of all the internal, visceral organs will also become more optimal.

When the body is optimally *structurally integrated* – the likelihood of multiple, various issues, chronic symptoms, injuries, etc., will all be less of an issue & the body will perform with the greatest capacity to utilize energy without wasting it, maintain overall, optimal body awareness, and function at its fullest potential.

When your body is *structurally integrated* – your multiple *energetic fields* will likewise glow with greater organization & clarity.  Then your physique will reflect & move in relationship to the greater perfection of your Inner Being. (As most wonderfully demonstrated recently by an incredible dancer & client, who demonstratively moved so beautifully with such slow, highly-conscious and meditative ballet-like movements after a number of Advanced Rolfing® sessions she’s just started.)  What then is in store for you is your evolution into your greatest functional, physical capacity & ascension into your highest state of grounded Spirituality!

Then the physical plumb line relationship of perfect alignment (Picture 1) becomes completely aligned, attuned, and at one with the energetic, “etheric pole” (Picture 2) that runs down into the earth & up into the sky and all your other energetic fields surrounding your physical body.

If you’re ever feeling out of balance in some way, having such a balance between the physical & energetic realities will allow you to check into your Inner-Self/Being to become better centered and in balance with your physical body and greater outward reality; functional movement & body awareness, social connecting, and harmonizing with the greater whole-world-reality.



Pic 3: Ancient “Caduceus” Symbol of Hermes used hypocritically as the U.S. Medical Logos

The ancient Greek “caduceus” symbol that is used in the United States for the medical logos, heralds from a time when knowledge of the etheric pole that runs up & down through the body on the energetic level, could be tapped into by a healer (or perhaps, metamorphosed by a structural integrator/Rolfer by mobilizing the physical structure & attuning to and transmuting the energetic field).  The goal would be to balance the female and male energies (in the logos – the snakes rapping around the pole; also known as the “kundalini”) that traverse up & down through the energetic chakra system, bringing balance to any chakra’s irregularities in their vibrational frequencies to heal any physical ailments & create better health on all levels.

Ida Rolf Quote

Ironically – the contemporary medical establishment - is now hypocritically the far extreme opposite from the holistic perspective (unifying both – the physical & energetic reality) that was an actual embodiment of what the original caduceous logos stood for!!!

When the individual is *structurally integrated* on both the physical & energetic levels, natural balancing on both levels results and – the person becomes one’s own healer – with all levels of one’s being fully functioning in an optimal state for the best of health.


Or, from another perspective, as Dr. Ida Rolf would also say:


           “Gravity itself becomes the therapist!”

“When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through – then spontaneously, the body heals itself!”


This passage is a perfect explanation and acknowledgement of one who has completely embraced and is completely cognizant of what their physical body is in relationship to their Inner Being - and how such a higher state of body awareness and overall consciousness can lead them to their ultimate evolutionary destination.This verse is originally spoken with & written in the ancient Sanskrit of the Vedic literature from India - the language of consciousness, or of "name & form". (The SOUND VIBRATION from the name of any object, idea, etc. of a Sanskrit word - produces the actual FORM that object, idea, etc. represents. That is why Sanskrit mantras are ideal for meditation!)Sanskrit is known to be one of the earliest languages of civilization & has also been recognized as a "perfect computer language".This passage is a perfect explanation and acknowledgement of one who has completely embraced and is completely cognizant of what their physical body is in relationship to their Inner Being – and how such a higher state of body awareness and overall consciousness can lead them to their ultimate evolutionary destination.  The verse was originally spoken and written in the ancient Sanskrit of the Vedic literatures from India – the language of consciousness (or, of the spiritual world), or of “name & form” (The SOUND VIBRATION from the name of any object, idea, etc., of a Sanskrit word – produces the actual FORM that object, idea, etc., represents. That is why Sanskrit mantras are ideal for meditation!).   Sanskrit is known to be one of the earliest languages of civilization & has also been recognized as a “perfect computer language”.


Dr. Ida P. Rolf, from her landmark 1977 book that put the term – “FASCIA” – on the road map of the entire bodywork & health field:

ROLFING Ida's Book Cover

“The practitioner of Structural Integration separates the confusion of random fascial structure and re-relates it around a vertical line with new appropriateness.


True verticality, the goal of Structural Integration, is more than a figment of the imagination.  Indeed, it is very real; it is a functional phenomenon, a line around which the body’s energy force fields balance.  Again, these energy forces are not abstract; they manifest in real myofascial material structures.


All too often, people who are predominantly interested in their psychic development  [spiritual development:  yoga, meditation, religious practices, etc.]  fail to realize that psychic [spiritual] awareness is best grounded in and supported by a physical body whose sensitivity and sturdiness allow psychic events to occur naturally and with adequate support.  The stable structure afforded by an adequate mesodermal system has a much more important role in the channeling of psychic [spiritual] energies than is usually recognized.


Through its vertical stance, the organism is no longer earth-bound; the vertical expresses an energy relation between earth and sun [The "etheric pole" as referred to earlier, Picture 2, and Picture 3, as represented by the ancient Greek caduceus logos used hypocritically by the current medical establishment].  As order evolves, a gravity/antigravity structural organization defines itself, and this basic polarity, rooted in the earth, expresses in terms of vertical lift.


To the extent that its energy fields remain symmetrical, randomizing deterioration of an organic system – physical or chemical – is slowed.  Biological time in such system expresses itself more slowly than chronological time.

[Another - *KEY* - to the secret of maintaining youth?  YES!!!]




My Rolfing Structural Integration clients can have truly life-transforming experiences with this work/science/*art*.  It is amazing when these multiple fields of energy  surrounding and permeating through the physical body (karmic, dharmic & otherwise) become unified into one’s present moment-to-moment experience.  It becomes a feedback mechanism to gauge every movement, thought, and action in relationship to – so that the most harmonious, desirable manifestation of one’s desires & goals becomes more effortless and instantaneous in every movement of your body and in every action of your entire life.

The main Chakras & corresponding colors indicating the current physical, emotional, and spiritual state

The main Chakras & corresponding colors indicating the current physical, emotional, and spiritual state

When someone comes in and all *this* happens (beyond just the physical results of the body structurally integrating into a higher level of functioning more free from chronic symptoms, etc.) – it’s always as if it was *meant to be*; that it’s at that most perfect time of their life to harmonize, transform, and transition into a higher ascended state of being & living.

These greater energetic results of the work can only happen to the degree of which all those levels of reality of the other person are ready & can assimilate into my own field.  Then we can elevate upwards together into the subtle, etheric, energetic planes into a spiraling energy of transformation & healing, then back through the cocoon & birthing of a newly organized physical structure that now can uphold all the newly organized energetic fields as a natural & spontaneous aspect of their new way of being and moving.

That’s when clients have the *most* awesome, amazing experiences – and I feel so fortunate & gifted to be a part of that & to witness it unfolding right before my eyes!



Certified Advanced Rolfer, Betsy Sise, from her book, “The Rolfing Experience; Integration in the Gravity Field”:

The Rolfing Experience_Integration in the Gravity Field

“Dr. Rolf’s ideal was that this sense of lift would become natural and easy.  As the body begins to lengthen through Rolfing, the energy centers in the body, or chakras, have less static, and the exchange between the material and non-material world that occurs at these centers becomes easier.  A body with less static makes subtle levels of awareness more apparent, and thus the inherent knowledge contained within the body more accessible.  It would seem to follow that using this kind of a body as a laboratory for discovery would bring forth different results than using a body that was constricted by and locked into past history.”



“This new human would no longer have to fight to survive and protect himself or herself.  This new person would not be afraid of his or her own death and would be free of guilt and shame.  This would be reflected in his or her body, by organization around a vertical line of intention – a lifting up through the top of the head, while remaining grounded through the feet.”  [The physical plumb-line relationship of the body (Picture 1) organized around its energetic counterpoint - the "etheric pole" (Picture 2).]


Barbara Ann Brennan, from her book, “Hands of Light; A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field”:

Hands of Light book cover

“The diaphragmatic center [3rd chakra area], located behind the solar plexus, is associated with one’s intention towards one’s physical health.  If someone has a strong health-love toward their body, and an intent to keep it healthy, this center is open.

Overall health – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – requires all centers to be open and balanced.

If a person has the solar plexus open and therefore is connected to their place in the universe, accepting that they fit as perfectly as each blade of grass, and the “lilies of the field,” this person’s self-acceptance will manifest on the physical level as physical health.”


Before I purchased Barbara Brennan’s (who was originally a physicist for NASA) monumental book on healing in 1987, the year it came out, I had already been engaged for over 13 years in practicing meditation and other methods to raise my own consciousness & that of others – now, for almost over 45 years.  You could most certainly say that this field of healing is a part of my “dharma”.  I have crossed the paths of many others in that time and experienced, practiced, and engaged in numerous fields of healing, religions, and spiritual paths that are universal throughout the planet.  When someone comes into my practice, they are wholeheartedly embraced by all of this cumulative knowledge for their own enlightenment and our mutual evolutionary ascension on all levels.

As Barbara says, “As each individual progresses, so does the whole of humanity.  Each generation is usually able to sustain higher vibrations than the last so that the whole of humanity moves in its evolutionary plan toward higher vibrations and expanded realities.”  

As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, with the upswing in consciousness of the world – more & more people are evolving into a greater state of health & functioning at an unprecedented level at this very moment on the planet.

It’s truly the essential responsibility of all individuals of post generations to the current generation, to evolve and grow up to the same level of real maturity and the same “higher vibration” of the current generation – rather than moping behind in an immature, lower state of consciousness which will only impede the evolution of all those around yourself, and ultimately, the entire world.   It’s a great joy to actively participate in this process of physical & energetic evolution to enable numerous people to easily & enthusiastically progress along this path on all levels – for themselves & the entire planet.



What else did Dr. Ida P. Rolf herself say?

“The last time this knowledge was around – was during the building of the Great Pyramids!”


Santa Barbara Sunset

Just like the ancient pyramids – it’s all about harnessing the Infinite Energy of the *Cosmos* down to the physical Earth Plane & into the present-moment-reality of your ongoing physical, functional existence.

When your structure is in a state of greater symmetry through a process of systematic organization of the connective tissue fascial system layer by layer & through your ongoing personal, physical experience of your body “structurally integrating” between sessions – your energetic fields and the perfection of your Inner Being will be allowed to be more perfectly reflected in your body and moment-to-moment (or movement-to-movement!) experience.

That’s the highest state of *Structural Integration* you’ll ever be transformed into to become your own - self-healing healer - and be able to experience for the best of your own Vitality & Well-Being“!!!

pyramids in triangle of hands












“All your Ancestors look into your Time

Demanding your eventual Growth into Maturity”

                                 – Peter Melchior, 1931-2005

(One of the original, landmark instructors from the 1970s of the Rolfing® Structural Integration process – from his poem, “Smoke Signals“)





                               SEAMLESS CONNECTION


                                 The Seamless Connection

                                         Between this Life

                                                & the



.                            The greatest wealth in this world

                    Is to realize there is no wealth in this world

                                     — That brings joy in this world

                                                      & the *Next*

                                           With a seamless transition between the two…


.                                               that is,

                              the greatest benediction

                     you’ll ever receive in life is not material

                                     it is being given the

.                                                   *Key*

.                                           to transcend the 

.                                                limits and constraints





                    And you thought your riches made you free

                           Or that they will make you free?

                                It was just the opposite

                       Only an illusion wasting your life away


                          Without the real, true Joy that is

                                    - Joy Eternal -

.                ……within this Cosmos & Beyond…..

.          (that Carl Sagan himself most eloquently spoke of)

              That *can be* – or *not be* – manifest in your life

                   While temporarily for your short duration

                           Of your Time on this planet,



                            Don’t waste your life away

                                Don’t live in fear of death

                                             or Any



                                       There is no


                    Only a seamless transition between

                                             This life

                                                    & the



                          If you can capture that seamless

                                        – Joy Eternal -

                     ……within this Cosmos & Beyond…..

                                  Under the full moonlight


                               You’ll realize & manifest

                                          in your *Body*

                                        while on Earth


                               The Seamless Connection

                                        Between this Life

                                               & the


                               – The Inner Being



Using the Erchonia PL5000 Low Level Cold Laser as an Adjunct to my Advanced Rolfing® work

I’ve already had many clients experience amazing results with my advanced Rolfing® Structural Integration work because of the combined use with the cold laser. The main reason why results do not last with any form of bodywork or healing is because of neural inflammation restrictions in the body’s fascial system tissues – cold laser therapy changes all of that!!!

All pain, injuries, dysfunction, and deviated posture/alignment are the result of compromised, weak muscles within an imbalanced fascial system network. The fascial system connective tissue that surrounds the muscles – and is the primary medium for Rolfing® structural work – is innervated by nerves.

Compromised, weak muscles are innervated by - inflamed nerves - that give rise to undesirable symptoms. Part of the reason the nerves become inflamed is because the connective tissue surrounding them is tightened and restricted. This starts off a vicious cycle; the inflamed nerves make the fascial system more tightened and restricted to protect the area.

It doesn’t matter how much exercise and strengthening of the weak muscles you do, how much movement therapy you participate in (PT, Pilates, yoga, etc.), or how much soft-tissue mobilization bodywork you receive – if the inflamed nerves innervating the fascial system (causing the pain, dysfunction, and deviated posture) are not addressed, the symptoms of pain, dysfunction, and incorrect posture will eventually return.

This is where low level cold laser therapy can be introduced to:  1) Reduce nerve inflammation.  2) Activate the neural firing of muscles to engage them in their proper function.  3)  Stimulate the healing of tissue through new cellular growth.  This goes a long, long ways to help achieve the goals of Rolfing® Structural Integration in a way that will – happen sooner and last a lot longer, without reverting to prior holding patterns!

Clients are taken through a whole muscle/laser testing protocol before and during sessions to activate the entire nervous system in relationship to all of the muscles and fascial system. This enhances immediate tissue response for cellular regeneration. This way, the structural work will integrate at the finest level of all the muscles and connective, fascial system – and maximize the results of my Advanced Rolfing® work in a way that far exceeds what is possible by just Rolfing work alone.

In Rolfing® peer review literature published by the original Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration in Boulder, CO, it is said by other experts that, “The laser allows the Rolfing® practitioner to achieve results far greater than those achievable by traditional Rolfing techniques.” Likewise, because the connective tissue fascial system (surrounding all the muscles in the body) is the primary medium for Rolfing and is innervated by nerves – the laser can be used in my Advanced Rolfing® structural bodywork in a far greater way then any other form of bodywork.

The Erchonia PL5000 Low Level Cold Laser is the safest, most-studied, and most-sophisticated laser on the market. In 2003 it was the first cold laser to be cleared by the FDA. In clinical trials is has been shown to pass through cell membranes without causing damage of any kind.

Unlike the surgical precision lasers that emit heat to damage tissue, the Erchonia PL5000 cold laser – emits no heat. Instead, it increases the cellular production of ATP in the mitochondria of the cell, and thus, actually regenerates cellular tissue and increases cellular communication. This enhances the structural Advanced Rolfing® work so that it will integrate at the finest cellular level of all the muscles, tendons, ligaments and other fascial, connective tissue throughout the body – thus again, it maximizes results in a way that far exceeds what is otherwise possible! The only way someone could be hurt by it is if you shinned it in a person’s eyes – the same thing you wouldn’t want your kid to do with a laser pointer pen – or if you bonked someone over the head with it!!!

I have had a personal, first-hand experience with the Erchonia PL5000 cold laser used on my own self. It was for a knee issue that doctors wanted to do surgery for – and now, with the use of the laser combined with advanced Rolfing® structural bodywork, I have had a near 100% complete reduction of the symptoms I was previously experiencing and have no need at all to go through with surgery!!!

The Erchonia PL5000 cold laser is one of the only TRUE lasers around with a wave length of 635 nanometers (a nanometer is a billionth of a meter) which has been proven in all of the scientific studies to be the wave length that is most effective and least harmful to the cell.  The massive research by Erchonia and the FDA Clearance has demonstrated the safety of this laser in that there has never been a recorded negative side effect of any kind in hundreds of studies.   Its power output is only 1/200th of a WATT where in biological terms, the lower the power the greater the benefit.

(There are no code regulated contraindications; however, since there are no long term evaluations on certain conditions, Erchonia does not recommend use on pregnant women or persons with a pace maker.)

— A Gift For You —

Walking/Breathing Exercise You Can Use Every Day – Especially to Complement Every Advanced Rolfing® Session! (particularly session #1)

“6 3 6″

I have been using a walking/breathing exercise in my life for over 30 years now that can be an extremely great way to integrate your Advanced Rolfing® experience into your functional, movement activities.  It can also be used with any regular walk or hike to completely change your usual experience and is also a great way to start your day out! I call it, “6 3 6″.

It is especially complementary to the traditional Rolfing® session number one (working with the breath and the upper torso), but can be used with any “integrative walk” after any of the traditional 10-Series Rolfing® Sessions; it will help to encourage oxygen and movement into all the surrounding connective tissue areas (fascial system) that have been mobilized with my advanced work.  You will find it to be something great you can add to any regular walk or hike as a way to completely change your experience and better up your energy, keeping your upper body in better connection with your legs.

After any Advanced Rolfing® session it is ideal to go for an integrative walk within the first few hours after; 5 to 10 minutes is fine, 10 to 20 or 30 minutes is ideal!

Start your integrative walk out with about 15 minutes of a nice paced walk/gait, tuning into how your body is responding from your Advanced Rolfing® work and how it has most likely brought greater lift into your now better, symmetrical structure.  Also tune in to how the weight of your body is grounding down through your feet that are now probably meeting the ground in a more balanced, even way (from the front-to-back of your foot and from the inside-to-outside of your foot).

After initiating your walk ideally for about 15 minutes and bringing your awareness into your better functioning, contra-lateral gait, take a slow, full, even-paced breath in through your nose (say for 6 counts or seconds), hold this for half that time (say for 3 counts), then breath out a slow,  full, even-paced  breath through your mouth (say for 6 counts).  A full breath is going to be different for everyone and may fluctuate during your walk and from day-to-day.

“6 3 6″ is just a proportion; whatever is a full breath for you in through your nose at that moment of your walk, holding for half that, and whatever is a full breath for you out through your mouth at that moment of your walk – given however your breath is responding to your walk at that moment.  Continue doing this “6 3 6″ proportion for about 24 times, walking at a good pace (not too slow, not too fast – you don’t want to be “huffing and puffing”), ideally on level ground.

This will open up your rib cage and bring length up through the spine and a corresponding better grounding down through your feet into the ground.  You may find after say, 12 to 14 times or so of the “6 3 6″ proportion, your lung/breath capacity will break through a holding point that your lungs were only reaching and go beyond it – opening up your breath and bringing greater flexibility through your ribs to spine.

Again, this is a wonderful way to compliment your Advanced Rolfing® work and continue your experience of structural integration in your body (throughout your fascial system) from session-to-session so that you can experience optimal, maximum progress!!!


Yoga Anyone?

Both Rolfing® and yoga can create profound benefits that can be a life changing experience for many people into a incredible higher state of health, happiness and functioning.  I’ve been doing Bikram’s Hatha Yoga for over 30 years now!

I’ve worked on a lot of people who do yoga – it is an amazing complement to the Rolfing® process.  Yoga is a way to maintain and improve the alignment process the Rolfing® work begins.  Both – yoga and Rolfing® – place an equal importance on awareness, breath, space, alignment, and integration for greater bodily comfort, functioning, and mental happiness.

So although yoga is great – the release of the tissues from stretching them out has a tendency to release around areas that are actually bound and already constricted.  It can actually solidify in areas that are already bound in deeper levels of tissue or that are along tensional lines of connective tissue that are on more surface levels.  The only way to get at those tissues is to have someone mobilizing them with their hands, layer by layer (throughout your fascial system).  That’s what I do through the Rolfing® Structural Integration process.

The traditional Rolfing® “10-Series” goes a huge way towards restructuring the entire connective tissue fascial system system from the bottom of our feet to the top of our heads, from the surface layer tissues to the deeper tissues, to bring complete integration of the tissues and realignment of all the regional body blocks.  That is why it is said that going through a Rolfing® series of sessions is considered to be like what it would take 10 years of a Yoga practice to accomplish. I know – personally – that this is true because of my own experience with both, yoga and Rolfing®, and having seen such results for the clients I’ve taken through the 10-Series process.

That said, even a few Rolfing® sessions can make a big difference that you will immediately experience – I see it happen for everyone!


What Rolfing® Structural Integration is in a snapshot:ROLFING LITTLE BOY LOGO FROM MICHAEL VILAIN

Rolfing® Structural Integration is an advanced form of bodywork in some ways similar to Chiropractic.  Instead of working on the bones a Rolfer™ works on the muscles – specifically, the connective tissue fascial system surrounding all the muscles – to bring alignment and integration throughout the entire structure for optimum functioning in activity and to decrease chronic symptoms of pain and other bodily issues.




Isn’t it amazing to consider that gravity can actually LIFT the body up???

It can!!!

When the fascial tissue network (fascial system) and all the muscles within that network are connected together by being structurally integrated, they lift up the skeletal, structural framework of the body.  This happens in the same way that a line, connected to the top of a tent pole has gravity acting on the stake of that line pulling it down and, simultaneously, at the other end, pulling up the pole.  If the line was not interconnected all along itself the pole would be dragged down by gravity and fall to the ground.  Our bodies – in the same way – are pulled down by gravity when the fascial system throughout the body is not interconnected and is locked up and tight in areas of tension and strain.

When the connective tissues are not connected and working together it breaks the “tensegrity” network of fascial tissue throughout the human body’s structure.

Our structure is maintained by the tensional connective tissue forces throughout our body (this is “tensegrity”) — unlike other structures that are maintained by the compressional strength of underlying materials.  As long as the fascial system of the body is connected and operating on a unified basis, the tensegrity of the human body’s structure is maintained, uplifted, and held up.  Not only will your appearance be much better — radiating with more life energy — you’ll feel much lighter and energetic in all of your activities with a great sense of ease in all of your movements.


Rolfing® and Rolfer™ are service marks of the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration